Is my Bathroom Outdated?

Understanding When it's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom: A Quick Guide

When it comes to selling your home, an updated bathroom falls shortly behind a remodeled kitchen in terms of importance. What most homeowners and home buyers don't know is that a renovated full bathroom can increase your home's value by roughly 20%.

Unsure it's time for an upgrade? Maybe you have been living in your house so long that your bathroom has become a piece of you. Maybe you think the old medicine cabinet and colored fixtures are charming. These “charming” features aren’t going to pay off once your home is on the market. The simplistic value of a bathroom is long gone, and it is now replaced with the idea of a bathroom sanctuary, a place to escape and unwind.

If you are unsure whether or not it's time to redesign your bathroom, look for these signs:

1. Colored Bathroom Fixtures.

This might have been popular in the 70's when matching color schemes were in, but today’s home buyers are looking for neutrals. If you're bathtub is still purple with a powder blue toilet, it’s time for an upgrade. Think timeless when you are choosing a color scheme; cream, beige and taupe are amongst the many neutral tones dominating the bathroom trends. If you looking for a bolder option, try a "pop" of color instead. For this, think cool and relaxing like a soothing blue or refreshing lavender.

2. Carpet or Linoleum Flooring.

Flooring might not be what first comes to mind but a new bathroom floor can subtract years from the look and feel of your room. Your home’s value can be hindered by outdated linoleum flooring styles and carpet in the bathroom. Not only is carpet outdated, but it’s an unsanitary option vulnerable to mold and mildew. When looking for new flooring options try stone tile to add beauty and sustainability, hardwood to add warmth and comfort, or laminate flooring for a quick and easy installation.

3. Dated Countertop & Vanity.

With a small bathroom the vanity is often the focal point of the room. Tile countertop and plywood cabinets can appear outdated and cheap. Replacing the countertop with solid surface material, granite or Cambria quartz can add a timeless feel and lasting value. His and her vanities with separate sinks are also a popular bathroom trend. Speaking of updated vanities, you may want to rethink that pedestal sink. Not only are pedestal sinks outdated, but they lack the fundamental necessity of storage. Keep storage in mind when updating this major aspect of your bathroom.

There is a lot to look for when determining whether or not your bathroom needs a makeover and our contractors are here to help. If you have any questions about bathroom design, or how a remodel can change your home, call the general contractors of Cortese Construction.

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    Paige (Wednesday, 01 July 2015 12:01)

    Great tips! My parents are struggling right now with replacing their mauve bathroom appliances. And I like the point about pedestal sinks. They may look nice, but storage in a bathroom is already hard to find. Thanks for sharing!

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    Lionel Reed (Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:36)


    You did a great job in this article. All tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea about the bathroom.


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    Jordan (Friday, 21 August 2015 12:42)

    Some great ideas to updating your bathroom. We've been wanting to renovate ours for a bit now - these are some good tips to keep in mind!

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