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Domenic Cortese has been providing home improvement tips, tricks and advice for Western New York for more than 30 years. As the President of Cortese Construction, he has the expertise, knowledge and experience to address almost every home improvement question.

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Domenic's All-Purpose Cleaning Solution

Mex All Purpose Cleaner
Mex All Purpose Cleaner

2/3 Cup MEX from UGL

3 Quarts Warm Water

1 Quart Bleach (Add last)


No matter if your home's exterior is wood, brick, vinyl or painted siding, use the same washing procedure. First cover all nearby plants,vents, light fixtures, electrical outlets and leaky doors and windows with plastic sheeting or plastic bags sealed with duct tape.


Start washing on a shady side of the house away from the sun (warm surfaces dry before you can rinse off the soap and dirt.) Use a low-pressure nozzle to apply the soap and a medium-pressure nozzle for rinsing. Washing from the top down causes dirt to run over the dirty section below, leaving ridges and tough-to-remove stains. Instead, wash from the ground up in long, vertical sweeps, saving the eaves for last.


This solution can also be used for interior cleaning, but take note of the bleach ingredient, which may stain if not used on appropriate surfaces.

Domenic's tip on Ice-Damming for Buffalo's cold Winters

1-2 Packages or Nylon Stockings

1 Package of Calcium Chloride flakes or pellets 

Zip Ties

Fill nylon stocking with calcium chloride and lay on top of ice formation - be sure to tack stocking as to not lose it down your gutter.

Be sure to remove the stocking once calcium chloride has melted to avoid gutter clogging.

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