Surprising Your Man with the Perfect Man Cave

Everyone needs a place to escape to after a long day. For most women an escape can be their sanctuary-like bathroom, their large walk in closet, or even the kitchen. But for men, their idea of an escape is TV, sports, video games, and silence. While the term cave often refers to a dark and cold place underground, a man cave is far from that. A man cave is lush and luxurious, built for entertaining or relaxing. By taking these suggestions into consideration, your dream of a man cave can be closer to becoming a reality.

Entertainment System

Whether this includes an 80 inch flat screen, a wall-sized projection screen or several smaller televisions, this will more than likely be the focal point of the whole room. As a place for guys’ to play video games or watch several sporting events at once, this system must be top of the line. Don’t forget to add surround sound speakers and comfortable seating to complete the look.

Bar/Dining Area

With a built in bar and kitchen, your man cave can be all about convenience. Now, don’t expect your man to start cooking on the stove down there, but a fridge, bar/seating area, keg, and sink will add the perfect touch for when guests come over.

Game Room

While some like video games, others like interactive gaming such as pool, darts, foosball or air hockey. A man cave should be about entertaining, and unfortunately you can’t please everyone with just a TV. That is why an addition of a game room can be great for even kids. When creating this space try thinking of a theme; are you going for the old dive bar games like pool and darts, or maybe a classic arcade theme with ski ball and pac man, whatever the case may be you and your guests will get use out of this for years to come.

For more basement renovation and man cave ideas, call us today at 716-683-2100. With our convenient Depew location, our general contractors can proudly serve Buffalo and all of its surrounding suburbs.


Is my Bathroom Outdated?

Understanding When it's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom: A Quick Guide

When it comes to selling your home, an updated bathroom falls shortly behind a remodeled kitchen in terms of importance. What most homeowners and home buyers don't know is that a renovated full bathroom can increase your home's value by roughly 20%.

Unsure it's time for an upgrade? Maybe you have been living in your house so long that your bathroom has become a piece of you. Maybe you think the old medicine cabinet and colored fixtures are charming. These “charming” features aren’t going to pay off once your home is on the market. The simplistic value of a bathroom is long gone, and it is now replaced with the idea of a bathroom sanctuary, a place to escape and unwind.

If you are unsure whether or not it's time to redesign your bathroom, look for these signs:

1. Colored Bathroom Fixtures.

This might have been popular in the 70's when matching color schemes were in, but today’s home buyers are looking for neutrals. If you're bathtub is still purple with a powder blue toilet, it’s time for an upgrade. Think timeless when you are choosing a color scheme; cream, beige and taupe are amongst the many neutral tones dominating the bathroom trends. If you looking for a bolder option, try a "pop" of color instead. For this, think cool and relaxing like a soothing blue or refreshing lavender.

2. Carpet or Linoleum Flooring.

Flooring might not be what first comes to mind but a new bathroom floor can subtract years from the look and feel of your room. Your home’s value can be hindered by outdated linoleum flooring styles and carpet in the bathroom. Not only is carpet outdated, but it’s an unsanitary option vulnerable to mold and mildew. When looking for new flooring options try stone tile to add beauty and sustainability, hardwood to add warmth and comfort, or laminate flooring for a quick and easy installation.

3. Dated Countertop & Vanity.

With a small bathroom the vanity is often the focal point of the room. Tile countertop and plywood cabinets can appear outdated and cheap. Replacing the countertop with solid surface material, granite or Cambria quartz can add a timeless feel and lasting value. His and her vanities with separate sinks are also a popular bathroom trend. Speaking of updated vanities, you may want to rethink that pedestal sink. Not only are pedestal sinks outdated, but they lack the fundamental necessity of storage. Keep storage in mind when updating this major aspect of your bathroom.

There is a lot to look for when determining whether or not your bathroom needs a makeover and our contractors are here to help. If you have any questions about bathroom design, or how a remodel can change your home, call the general contractors of Cortese Construction.


Why a Sunroom May be the Perfect Touch For Your Party

Buffalo, it's almost that time! The sun is starting to shine, the temperatures are starting to rise, and summer parties are right around the corner! We all know how great sunrooms are when you are looking for affordable options for extra space and ways to save energy, but have you ever thought of the uses for an outdoor party? Here in Buffalo, and its surrounding areas, we only have so many months out of the year to enjoy the weather. The last thing we need is unpredicted rain or wind to ruin that graduation party, 4th of July party or any other occasion you might be planning for. With a sunroom addition, your food, guests and decorations will be protected and you can still enjoy the fresh air!

At Cortese Construction Services, we are an authorized dealer and installer of Betterliving Sunrooms, which means our sunrooms always exceed customer expectations! Each of our sunrooms offers unique features to accommodate every home, and every budget!

4 Season Sunrooms

This is truly the best value for us Buffalonians. These sunrooms can be heated or cooled and provide protection from nearly all weather conditions, which certainly makes it worth the investment. In the winter, use your sunroom to plan a romantic date night and watch the snow fall around you. In the spring, use it to host a girl’s night or bring in massage therapists, set up an area for mani-pedi’s and don't forget the wine! In the summer, use it as an area for food and drink during your party; in doing so, you guarantee your food stays dry and bug free. Lastly, in the fall, host a Halloween party; what better place to make a haunted house?!

3 Season Sunrooms

This type of sunroom allows for an easy and affordable way to add living space to your home. While this option doesn't allow for year round use, it works great for storage during those cold winters and provides you with another space for entertaining guests during warmer weather. Another option for use 10-months of the year is our unique 3+Season room with its double pane low-e, argon gas filled windows, the space can be heated at a much more affordable price for the fall months!

Screen Rooms

Our screen rooms are great for entertaining during those warm summer nights. With this home addition, you can enjoy the heat and fresh air, without unwanted bugs. This option is maintenance free and only takes a few days to install.

Enclosed Porches

Transform your existing porch or patio into a year round living space and enhance the functionality with screens, sliding glass doors or insulated vinyl windows and doors. Enclosed porches are a great option when looking to upgrade the features of your home, and much like our other sunroom options, create a great spot for entertainment.

Each of our sunrooms come complete with a year 50 year warranty and is installed by one of our trained professionals. For more information, visit And don't forget about our other remodeling services offered here at Cortese Construction Services.



What Features Will Home Buyers Pay Extra For?

Recently, USA Today posted an article “11 Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra For”.   These features can give new life to an existing house, increase the value of your home and can become great features if you choose to market your home for sale.  We know that not all of these features can be a reality in every home, but Cortese Construction Services has skilled and highly trained crew members that makes any of these remarkable amenities are a part of your next home remodeling project in Buffalo NY.  Below you will find these Top 11 features and learn how we can help you remodel each and every room of your house!

11. One or more fireplaces

A fireplace installation will add the perfect touch of warmth to your home! A fireplace is a timeless focal point that creates a warm space for families to gather during our cold Buffalo winters. A fireplace adds a cozy feel and a bit of charm and sophistication to any room in your home (bear skin rug not included.) 

10: Eat-in kitchen

More people are choosing an open layout for their home, one where the kitchen is overlooking the family room. Whether you’re hosting a party or just bringing the family together for dinner, the kitchen tends to be where everyone congregates, so why not have as much space as possible? With an open layout you can watch TV from the kitchen, watch the kids while you’re cooking dinner, or enjoy the ambiance of the fireplace from virtually any room! Cortese Construction’s kitchen remodeling services can help you maximize your kitchen space while keeping luxury & efficiency in mind.

9. Home is less than 5 years old

A new home is certainly worth the price, but sometimes nothing beats a Victorian home with updated features. Take the Lincoln Park homes in North Buffalo for example, they all exemplify beauty, but inside, the homes are transformed into works of art. While Cortese cannot change the age of your home, we can ensure that the interior of your homes kitchen, bathrooms, basement and bedrooms are modern and inviting.

8. Stainless Steel Appliances

A kitchen simply is not complete unless the fridge, microwave, dishwasher & stove have been updated to stainless steel. These durable and stylish appliances are an attractive feature in any home and can be complimented with Bella Cucina custom cabinets and Cambria countertops from Cortese.

7. Kitchen Island

This feature not only adds some flare to your kitchen, but also adds a great deal of functionality and even storage. Kitchen islands are ideal when entertaining, add extra space while cooking, and can even provide space for a wine fridge or bar seating.  Our kitchen remodeling services are perfect for an addition such as a kitchen island.

6. Ensuite Master Bath

Your master bathroom should be a place of peace and tranquility. At the end of a long day there is nothing better than a hot bath or a relaxing shower in a rain shower. While your bathroom should be a place to escape, it should also be functional. Whether you choose dual sinks or a closed off toilet room, Cortese can remodel your bathroom to be the bathroom of your dreams.

5. Hardwood Floors

Much like kitchen islands and stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors add a touch of luxury to your home. They are ideal for keeping a clean house and you won’t have to have carpet worries like staining or discoloration. Consider hardwood floors during your home remodel and instantly add value and style to your home.

4. Solid Surface Countertops

At Cortese, we take pride in using Cambria Quartz Countertops, which are more durable and stronger than granite while showcasing luxuriousness and beauty. Countertops of this quality are unparallel to the look of Formica or laminate countertops. Click here to take a closer look at the benefits of Cambria Quartz. Cambria Quartz is family owned and operated, just like Cortese, and made in the U.S.A.

3. Walk-In Closet in Master Bedroom

Rarely seen but always used, closets are vital in keeping your home and family organized.  Walk-in closets provide the optimal space to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories organized.   We can remodel your existing closet or create a new one in your home utilizing unused space. Let us help you build the closet of your dreams!

2. New Kitchen Appliances

Sometimes a new kitchen means new appliances.  Whether it’s stainless steel appliances, standard models or more modern appliances like wine coolers, we’ll help you customize your kitchen around the appliances you want. Our design service can help you maximize your appliance color choices to best match your brand new kitchen to create the perfect space for cooking, entertaining and family gatherings.

1. Central Air Conditioning

While we don’t always feel the heat enough in Buffalo, many homeowners like the comfort and consistency of central heating and air.   We work with Western New York’s best heating and cool specialist to ensure that your new space is comfortable year round. 


So there you have it, a complete list of what the average homeowner looks for when buying a new house. If the home you buy is missing one of these features, don’t fret, Cortese Construction Services has got you covered!

Source: USA Today


Window Replacement in Buffalo, NY

In Buffalo, homeowners know the importance of having windows that will keep the cold air out and protect you from the frozen fury of old man winter. Many Western New York residents will replace their old windows during the warm weather months in order to have new windows for winter.  Beyond warmth, there are other major advantages to replacing your old windows as well.

Window replacement can increase the value of your home and help you save on energy costs. New windows are also a major part of most remodeling projects or new construction designs. No matter what reason you have for replacing your windows, Cortese Construction Services offers the perfect replacement windows for you.


Cortese Construction Services offers replacement windows from Vinyl Window Designs LTD, an Energy Star-certified window manufacturing team that has provided replacement windows for customers all over the United States and Canada. These windows are created by the finest team of engineers in the industry and installed by the experts at Cortese.


Our team offers windows in a number of different styles and sizes. Typical window options include double and single hung tilt, double and single side slider tilt, double and single side slider lift-out and casement windows. These windows are available at Cortese from major names in the industry like Andersen, Jeld-Win, Stanley, Masonite, Therma-Tru and Pella.  Custom windows are also available when required.


You’ve probably seen double- and single-hung windows before. These products feature top and bottom sashes that slide up or down, except for the single hung, which has a fixed top sash. Sliders are designed exactly as they sound – they feature a sliding sash that moves from side to side to open up the window. Casement windows, meanwhile, are the windows that can be pushed out to open because they are connected to the frame by hinges.

Replacement windows can be installed for bay windows, awnings, patio doors, storm doors, entry doors and more. No matter where you need new windows in your house, Cortese Construction Services can help you out.


Cortese’s replacement windows are available in wood, vinyl and aluminum materials. We offer a wide selection of different colors and a number of different design options, including hardwood finishes, grille bars and decorative glass. Our replacement windows are designed to withstand the strong wind gusts of a Buffalo winter and provide UV protection and energy efficiency during our beautiful summers.

The team at Cortese Construction Services will measure the opening and frame of your existing window to make sure it’s squared and centered before removing the old windows and installing the replacement. We can also provide help for those who wish to install their new windows themselves.


Transform your home today with replacement windows from Cortese Construction Services. Give us a call between 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday to get started. Our number is 716-683-2100.


Cutting Edge Construction

Here at Cortese Construction, we have taken great measures to ensure that our company continues to evolve. In order to operate on the cutting edge of the industry, we stay educated on the latest trends and techniques which flood the marketplace. Additionally, we strive to offer clients the most advanced and innovative construction services available throughout the Buffalo, NY region.


Through our Energy Star program, homeowners are replacing old windows in lieu of energy efficient windows. The vinyl window designs offered by Cortese Construction are Energy Star certified to vastly improve energy conservation throughout your living space. Our certified Energy Star technicians are also available to complete an Energy Star audit throughout your entire home to help you make your home more energy efficient. We also certified with NYSERDA and the Building Performance Institute (BPI).


In February 2014, Cortese announced the launch of its own custom cabinetry, Bella Cucina. These beautiful custom cabinets are hand-crafted in Western New York and designed to meet the needs of your home.  Bella Cucina offers a wide variety of finishes and colors tomake customizing your home simple.


In addition, Cortese Construction has also offers retractable awnings from Betterliving. These custom awnings are durable, attractive and modern. A Betterliving awning is the perfect addition to your home and will enhance your outdoor living.  Family owned and operated, Betterliving products are made in the United States.


Cortese also offers a wide variety of renovations services. Whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, basement or additional living space, Cortese can help you create an innovative and stunning living space. Our design team is here to help you through the entire process from selection of tile, flooring, fixtures and cabinetry. Our skilled carpenters will be at your home through the entire renovation process – start to finish. 


And if you are looking for some to complete small projects like painting, drywall repair, or various other small projects, our Handyman division may be the perfect solution.  Our team of men will tackle any small home projects, no matter how small.  Don’t sweat the small stuff by letting our team take care of all of the small things around your home. 


Cortese offers free in-home estimates and there is never any obligation.  We are fully licensed and insured.  We pride ourselves on providing ethical and reliable services using quality products and materials.  Cortese Construction was the 2012 recipient of the Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award and we continue to receive an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.