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As a full service Construction service company, Cortese is happy to be able to offer its customers interior and (seasonally) exterior painting services. 


On new construction or walls that have never been painted, we first apply a primer to keep the drywall from absorbing the paint. We will then apply 1 -2 coats of paint using a roller, brush or sprayer.

If the walls have previously been painted, and there is loose or chipping paint, we first scrape the walls and then sand to remove the old paint. If there are holes in the drywall, we putty using a spackling compound and sand until smooth. We will then apply 1 - 2 coats of paint using a roller, brush or sprayer.

Interior & Exterior Painting Handyman Services:

Interior Services; For a new construction or an interior modification to your home or office, Cortese Painting Services has extensive experience in the drywall process. Having a professional looking and superior paint job starts with the base. Our attention to detail and use of top-quality materials will provide an excellent base to your painting project. By combining our client’s needs with outstanding workmanship, the final product will look great and be enjoyed for years to come.


After installing boards and applying corner bead, we fill all screw holes and gaps before taping seams. It is only after the joint compound has been applied that we can then prime and sand the drywall in preparation for the painting process


Exterior Services offered include; Powerwashing, prep work, tape off, primer and two coats color. Guarentee to have even coverage, even on vinyl siding- we will come back to fix if you arent satisfied!

How to choose the right paint color for your home:

Warm or Cool?
Colors are often referred to as "warm" and "cool." Orange, red, and pink are considered "warm" colors, while blues, greens, and violet are thought to be "cool." Knowing the theory behind color can help you select the right tone for the feel you're trying to achieve.


White is Not Always White
Trying to find the perfect white can be a challenge! Beiges and off-whites have subtle color, so compare paint chips to your fabrics and flooring to determine if a warmer pinkish or yellow-toned white -- or a cooler, bluer white -- is best for your room.


Shed a Little Light
The best way to get a true view of a paint color is to look at it in many lights. Take the paint chip outside to see it in natural light. Look at in under an incandescent and fluorescent light. Best yet, take the paint chip, fabrics, and accessories to the room in which they'll live. Check out the colors there.


Custom Color Matching
If you want to achieve a perfect match or find a truly unique color, your paint store or home center offers custom color mixing. This makes it possible to bring in a fabric swatch, painting, or other color reference, and have a paint color created to be a perfect match. Visit Home Depot or Lowe's or call a local hardware store to inquire.


Look Up to the Ceiling
Light colors are usualy most pleasing for a ceiling, because ceilings are seen in shadow. If you'd like the ceiling to match the wall color, buy ceiling paint one or two shades lighter than the wall color (on its color chip). Or, dilute your wall color with white paint in a ratio of 25% color to 75% white.

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